Filter Rods

For cigarette production as well as for RYO and MYO manufacturers SOCAB offers a broad variety of filter rods.

Our filter rods comply with international quality standards and regulations such as REACH, Tobacco Products Directive 2001/37/EC, Directive 2007/19/EC, Non-GMO, “free from allergens”, German TVO.

Mono-acetate filters

Rod lengths from 60 to 136 mm and diameters from 4.6 to 9.0 mm.

Special filters

Variety of lengths and diameters of:

  • Dual filters
  • Triple filters
  • Cavity filters
  • Recessed filters
  • Paper filters
  • NWA (Non Wrapped Acetate)
  • Capsule filters
  • Flavoured filters (various flavours)
  • Coloured filters
  • Shaped filters
  • Pop-Out sticks